2019 Azarian Team Cup FINAL  Schedule
(posted in January)
Note: the 11 yr old Level 6's were moved to session 1. 
​This was a change from the Tentative Schedule.

2019 Azarian Team Cup

Rotation Schedules
(posted early February)
Please note that rotation schedules may change (depending on scratches) up until the beginning of each session.​
Also, coaches will set their own order for each event.​
2019 Azarian Team Cup
Preliminary Schedule
​Optional's will be Friday & Saturday
Compulsories (Level 4, 5, & 7) will be Saturday & Sunday
Depending on entries, Level 6’s will probably be on Thursday evening

Azarian Team Cup SCHEDULES
Schedule key:
Preliminary Schedule:This schedule is what we think (hope) will happen.
- Please DO NOT make non-refundable travel arrangements until things are finalized (in the Tentative Schedule)!

Tentative Schedule: this will be posted in late October or early November.
- This schedule will set what levels will compete in which sessions on what days.
- 8:00am start times are FINAL; all others are plus or minus 30 to 45 min.
- Travel arrangements can be made with this schedule.

​Final Schedule:will be posted in early January.
- This schedule will set the final start and end times for each session.